I had seen such a horrifying incident for the first time… As a bullet pierced through Harry’s chest when he was coming to rescue us. He was yelling with pain as he fell down. I could see him, trembling with pain…and slowly dying. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was wet with tears…They had shot my brother  in-front of my eyes. I could see the pain in his body, but he was still trying to fight them…intending to save us. His body was covered, with blood, but he was brave… he slowly stood up, and he marched towards the aliens…hitting one, on the head with a steel rod. But those heartless aliens… they shot another bullet, which hit his neck and passed through it. He was dead. He fell down on the ground…blood was flowing out of his body.

“Harry… No, You can’t die” I screamed, and was trying to break through the ‘plasma-grills‘ where we were held captive…and  wanted to rush towards him. Along with me, were my cousins Paul and Skyla. They were dumb-founded…and stood like statues, watching him tremble. We couldn’t do anything…we were behind the bars, held captive by the Aliens.

I could not watch him tremble like this.. I was full of Anger, I wanted to kill all of them…leaving none, alive.

“You, just leave me…them you’ll see” I said vigorously shaking  the bars angrily. “I will kill you all…”but that was not possible at the moment. I had no weapon, nothing. On the other hand, they had advanced weapons. I didn’t stand a chance, but I couldn’t just stand there and watch the commotion. I burst out in tears…I just couldn’t watch it. Skyla was still suffering a setback…and was watching the incident, horrified. Paul was angry, but he couldn’t do anything.

They took away his body from there, along with all the soldiers, that were  killed in the War… and soon, one by one…all the soldiers were also gone, leaving only us…alone. I was still in tears, still unable to believe the incident. Skyla was crying…Paul was silent. We were in a grave situation. If we didn’t hurry, then the world would soon be captured by the Aliens and the people would be made their slaves. But, the situation here…we were still in a set-back. I was grief-stricken. I could not believe that, the same Harry..who was my best friend and brother, who always took my side…who helped me in every way he could, who was the most loving and caring brother, was no more.

I was sitting on the floor…remembering how we used to have fun, and how we enjoyed, but now it was all over. I was still looking at him, hoping him, to wake up from his sleep…but he was gone, forever. I still couldn’t believe it. It all started that fateful day…………………………………………………………………


5 comments on “Prologue:-

  1. So far so good! I love writing! Such a great way to channel you feelings into words and Characters! I haven’t written in a few many years, but really should get back on track! Ill have to keep checking back to see your progress!

  2. I think Stephen King once said “the hardest thing about writing is getting started.” You’ve got a good begining here, though I am kind of curious… is English you mother tongue? Some of this reads a bit weird. I do hope you continue though and would second what someone else said about finding a place for feedback.

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